Chapter 24: Solution

Chapter 24: Solution

Su Chen didn’t know that people from the Bai Clan had already found him. Even if he did know, he probably wouldn’t care.

At the moment, most of his attention was held by his study of the Origin Talisman Energy Formation.

The time he spent studying was both arduous and a delight.

The time he spent studying seemed to drag on forever, yet it also seemed so short.

Under Shi Kaihuang’s tutelage, Su Chen’s understanding of Origin Energy Talismans greatly increased.

Having a personal instructor who could give him pointers was very beneficial. Personal instructors could tell you things that weren’t covered in open classes, help explain concepts that you didn’t understand the first time around in class, or even give you pointers on your day-to-day cultivation. Although the Origin Energy Tower’s Origin Energy was much denser than in the dorms, Su Chen didn’t value this too highly.

Even though Ski Kaihuang never taught him any completed Origin Skills or soul techniques, he held...

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