Chapter 23: Lie Detection

Chapter 23: Lie Detection

From that day onwards, Su Chen attended his classes during the day and studied the Origin Talisman Energy Formation with Shi Kaihuang during the night. His days were once again filled with furious studying and experimentation. Thankfully, Su Chen had one less task at hand after he completed the Clear Wind Net, allowing him to deal with the extra workload.

His busy schedule tormented those who wanted to find an opportunity to teach him a lesson.

Su Chen never went anywhere apart from the Institute. Every day, he was either at a lecture hall, the Origin Energy Tower, or his dorm. If he had any free time, he would wander around the library, looking for certain information. His days were simple yet full.

However, to those who wanted to deal with him, the more low-profile Su Chen was, the less opportunities they could find.

Today was no exception. Immediately after class, Su Chen was planning on returning to his dorm.

A student hurriedly ran over. “Su Chen!”

Su Chen recognized the student. His name was Tang Ling and he was a student from the Magnificent Jade Region. They could be considered acquaintances, and he was also a student without a...

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