Chapter 22: Origin Talisman Light Formation

Chapter 22: Origin Talisman Light Formation

According to Shi Kaihuang’s original plan, he was going to use this Grief Larva to show Su Chen that he was not an easygoing master.

But because Su Chen had unexpectedly passed this challenge, he allowed Su Chen to continue to charge forwards.

The second wave was a pair of low-grade Vicious Beasts that charged at him. Su Chen was able to deal with them easily using the Clear Wind Net. The third wave was an Origin Demon Puppet, which Su Chen exploded into bits using his wine jugs. On the fourth wave, however, Su Chen was finally unable to win. He was met by a dark-skinned individual wielding a cutlass. Not only was its skin densely covered in scales and barbs, but it also moved extremely fast. Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird was completely ignored by it, and its cutlass was extremely vicious, growing stronger with each strike.

Shi Kaihuang was secretly going easy on Su Chen....

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