Chapter 21: Test

Chapter 21: Test

After leaving the tower, Su Chen could not contain his curiosity any longer. “Instructor, what was that purple smoke?”

Since Shi Kaihuang had accepted him as a disciple, he could officially call Shi Kaihuang his instructor.

“That was a Dream Spectre. It comes from the Mirage Dreamrealm, and it can bring you into the Dreamnet,” Shi Kaihuang replied.

The Mirage Dreamrealm was a small world attached to the Primordial World.

The Primordial World was the main world, but there were many smaller worlds attached to it, very much like branches to a tree. These smaller worlds went by many names such as planes, small worlds, foreign spaces, etc. Humans usually referred to them as different realms.

“The Dreamnet? What is that?”

“It’s a consciousness network created by the Lord of the Mirage Dreamrealm. It connects...

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