Chapter 17: Encompassing the Heavens

Chapter 17: Encompassing the Heavens

“I already told you, this damned old man has a mental problem. He hasn’t accepted a single disciple yet. No matter what you do, it won’t matter.”

Wang Doushan chewed on a piece of grass as he spoke frankly. They were seated in an octagonal room in the Hidden Dragon Institute.

Su Chen sat on one of the lounge chairs in the room, leaning against the back and gazing out the window at the scenery near the lake. “Perhaps it’s because I haven’t found his weak point yet. There must be something that can move him.”

“I think he just doesn’t want to accept a disciple in the first place! Is there anyone else in the entire Hidden Dragon Institute who is more unreasonable? No! Tell me, how can he call himself a damned personal instructor if he doesn’t accept disciples? If you...

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