Chapter 14: I’ll Dig the Pit, You Jump

Chapter 14: I’ll Dig the Pit, You Jump

Wang Doushan squinted his beady eyes, his face tightening up. “They here for you?”

Su Chen smiled. “Should be.”

The two of them glanced at each other.

Wang Doushan asked in a low voice, “Who is it?”

Su Chen tilted his head in thought. “Either Pan Hao or Bai Yihong.”

“Bai Yihong?” Wang Doushan asked in surprise.

He could understand why Pan Hao was after Su Chen, but why would Bai Yihong also be after him?

Su Chen roughly explained what happened the day before.

Wang Doushan sighed. “You’re always holed up in your room alone. The one time you do decide to come out, you offend someone? You have quite a high success rate.”

“Perhaps it’s because I have an innately disdainful attitude.” Su Chen paid their tab and was preparing to leave.

“You’re just going to leave? Are you not...

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