Chapter 12: Stormwind Scorpion (2)

Chapter 12: Stormwind Scorpion (2)

There was a small lake in the southeast corner of the Hidden Dragon Institute. A small stone cottage was erected near the lake.

When Su Chen arrived, he saw the sloppy old man from yesterday tussling with a Formation-Piercing Rhinoceros.

The Formation-Piercing Rhinoceros was a type of high-tier Demonic Beast. It was extremely violent, roughly around thirty feet tall, could lift around five thousand kilograms of weight, and bore through a tunnel in a single charge. In the Battle of the Infernal Desolate Canyon, large packs of Formation-Piercing Rhinoceroses charged the human race’s armies, using their tyrannically powerful bodies to forcefully slam into the human Origin Qi Scholars like a tidal wave, penetrating a defensive line of three thousand Iron Guards....

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