Chapter 11: Stormwind Scorpion (1)

Chapter 11: Stormwind Scorpion (1)


A piercing cry cut through the sky.

Bai Yihong had never imaged that Su Chen would dare make a move against him. However, this person was not all talk. The moment his finger broke, he jabbed the fan in his other hand towards Su Chen.

Su Chen didn’t retaliate, instead choosing to apply layers of defensive barriers to protect himself.

The folding fan slammed into them, releasing brilliant sparks.

He was just about to launch another attack when a voice came from the sky. “Stay your hand! Battling in the Hidden Dragon Institute is forbidden!”

The pain from his finger had caused Bai Yihong to lose all rationality. How could he pay any heed to the Institute’s rules? He yelled, “You dare injure me? I’ll kill you!”

The barriers protecting Su Chen were destroyed in that moment....

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