Chapter 10: Breaking a Finger

Chapter 10: Breaking a Finger


Streaks of energy criss-crossed in midair, forming an invisible net of energy.

Ji Hanyan retracted her hand. By relying on her sense of energy, she could roughly make out the net’s existence. A trace of satisfaction appeared in her eyes.

“You really did it. It’s an invisible net.”

“Unfortunately, it’s only invisible to the naked eye because of the refraction of light. If the opponent uses a perception Origin Skill to directly sense Origin Energy, it won’t be invisible anymore,” Su Chen sighed.

“No Origin Skill is perfect. As long as it can go undetected by the normal eye, that’s enough.” Ji Hanyan was still content. “Most people don’t continuously use a perception Origin Skill, especially low-tier Origin Qi Scholars. They lack the Origin Power to do so. On the other hand, if an opponent does opt to use their perception...

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