Chapter 9: Oaths are Sacred

Chapter 9: Oaths are Sacred

These words, seemingly coming out of nowhere, spooked Su Chen.

He hurriedly turned around to find an old man lying prone on a swathe of grass, fiddling around with a small flower that Su Chen didn’t recognize.

Evidently, he had been there for quite a while. His body was covered in leaves. But even without the leaves, he still looked ugly. His hair was messy, and his beard was long and unruly. No one knew how long it had been since he cleaned it. His eyes were blistered and a black-purplish circle surrounded them. He seemed to have suffered a terrible beating.

Su Chen did not know when this old man had appeared, but the words he uttered were clearly directed at him.

Su Chen was somewhat angry, but managed to calm himself down.

His encounter with Gu Qingluo had thrown...

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