Chapter 7: Reencounter

Chapter 7: Reencounter

After beating the first room, the illusion realm disappeared. Su Chen discovered that he was in a room covered in Origin Formations. There was a door on the opposite side of the room; upon pushing it open, Su Chen discovered he had returned to the large hall outside.

The skinny student’s eyes lit up when he saw Su Chen. “Oh, you passed the first level already? Not bad.”

“I just got lucky is all,” Su Chen indifferently replied. As he spoke, he pulled out his identity tablet from the door. He discovered he was awarded 25 contribution points for beating the first room.

“How about it, want to give the second room a try? If you can clear it, you’ll get fifty contribution points,” the student egged Su Chen on. It seemed he harbored no good intentions.

“Okay!” Su Chen easily agreed.

Upon seeing Su Chen enter the second door, the skinny student paused before letting out a scornful laugh. “I trapped another one.”

He worked here for a long time already, so he knew all the ins and outs.

The first room was the easiest to clear. It was essentially used to ease the students in while also giving them some contribution points. If the students were smart, they would be able to approximate the strength of the second room and assess whether or not they could clear it.

New students were often able to clear the first room with...

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