Chapter 6: Passing

Chapter 6: Passing

A month later.

Today, there were no classes.

Su Chen sat on his bed, his hands moving and gesturing as he gently pressed down in the air.

Although it seemed as if nothing had happened other than a brief gust of wind, Su Chen’s eyes could clearly see a brilliant net of Origin Energy covering the area in front of him.

He grabbed a nearby slab and tossed it out. The slab passed through the net, instantly splitting into ten or so chunks. The clear net trembled briefly, but it didn’t break.

A brief moment later, it dispersed.


Su Chen revealed an expression of joy.

The new Origin Skill had formed much faster than Su Chen initially expected. Both in terms of sharpness and durability, it was already far superior to its earlier form. Most importantly, it had incorporated the Light Bending Technique, making it hard to see with the naked eye....

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