Chapter 5: Net

Chapter 5: Net

After Origin Energy Talismans was Alchemy, followed by Absorption Technique Tutorials, Origin Energy Elements, Herbology, etc.

Su Chen had already decided to pursue the path of an alchemist, so he began to furiously study accordingly.

He attended a large number of classes every day, absorbing information like a dry sponge in water. When it was nighttime, he would return to his dormitory, cultivating his Origin Skills and learning more about Ancient Arcana Techniques.

The Hidden Dragon Institute had a lot of literature on Ancient Arcana Techniques, but there was no class offered for it, and the amount of information they possessed was pitiful. This was not particularly surprising. After all, old techniques that were no longer of any use weren’t viewed with much importance.

Even if he couldn’t finish all his assignments, Su Chen still had to conduct a lot of experiments.

He performed experiments on medicines, bloodlines, and using the Brooke Formula to generate a novel Origin Ski...

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