Chapter 4: Classes

Chapter 4: Classes

When he awoke, it was still in the early hours of the morning. Su Chen felt a little groggy from partying deep into the night.

Yesterday, Jin Ling’er and Wang Doushan had dragged him to meet the other students in the same tower, saying things like “In the future we’ll all be classmates, so we need to get to know each other. You’re not allowed to return until you get drunk!”

Although he was welcomed with open arms, he felt a hint of alienation, save for Wang Doushan and Jin Ling’er. A strange sense of rejection loomed over him. He felt as though these students disdained anyone who wasn’t like them, a student with a bloodline. Not that he felt surprised by how they acted. After all, in the entire Clear Sky Tower, he was the only one without a bloodline.

Su Chen truly could be considered an alien species in this tower.

Luckily, they all acted with proper etiquette,...

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