Chapter 3: Heavenly Zither Hands

Chapter 3: Heavenly Zither Hands

Su Chen glanced at Ji Hanyan, then observed his surroundings. He asked carefully, “You...... aren’t looking for me...... right?”

“Is there anyone else here?” Ji Hanyan asked as she wrapped her arms around herself.

The Clear Sky Tower had four rooms on each floor, each taking up a corner. Su Chen looked all around, but knew full well he was the only one here.

He could only sigh helplessly. “If you want to fight me, there’s no point. I’m not qualified to be your opponent.”

“I’m not here to fight you. I wanted to ask where you learned the firebird Origin Skill you used against me?”

“That’s what you want to know?” Su Chen was slightly shocked. “Why are you interested in that?”

“I am interested in all Origin Skills that are comparable to Bloodline Origin Skills,” Ji Hanyan replied frankl...

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