Chapter 2: Supervision

Chapter 2: Supervision

After checking in, Su Chen brought Iron Cliff to the Clear Sky Tower. As for Mingshu, Li Shu, and Zhou Hong, they found a place to stay near the Hidden Dragon Institute.

When they arrived at the Clear Sky Tower, the sky was dark already.

A giant statue with the body of an eagle and face of a human sat next to the entrance.

Su Chen handed over his identity tablet to the statue, which swallowed it. A streak of light shot out from the statue and hit Su Chen’s forehead, forming a seal. The eagle-bodied statue laughed gratingly, “I’ll remember you. Go on in. Remember this seal will be with you during your stay in the Institute. Don’t break the Institute’s rules. If you do, that seal will inform the officials. When that happens… hehehe.”

The statue let out a fearsome laugh, but Su Chen wore...

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