Chapter 1: Entering the Institute

Book 2: Studying for the Rise to Prominence of the Human Race

Chapter 1: Entering the Institute

Long Coiling City was the most beautiful towards the end of the ninth month of the year.

Every year around this time, the iris flowers would begin to bloom, forming a colorful sea of flowers.

Past the rippling sea of flowers towered a red brick wall, reaching all the way to a mountain five kilometers away. The wall effectively separated the two sides into worlds of their own.

The wall snaked and wound all over the place, like the Great Wall. It appeared like a dragon with its head and tail connected, forming a large circle. It had the horns, head, body, claws, and tail of a dragon. Because it looked like a hidden dragon, the school became known as the Hidden Dragon Institute. There were even walls specially built to form the eyes of the dragon. Altogether, the Hidden Dragon Institute was composed of six parts.

The Hidden Dragon Institute was extremely lively today.

People crowded the main entrance. Many candidates entering the school were present, along with family members...

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