Chapter 151: Admitting Defeat

Chapter 151: Admitting Defeat

Even though there were those where were unwilling, the end was still the end.

The exam candidates gazed at the rankings on the screen. Everyone had their own reaction to their rankings. Some felt joy, while most were filled with dejection, regret, and even despair. No matter how complicated their emotions were, they left the plaza one after the other.

After agreeing to meet in the Hidden Dragon Institute, Su Chen also said his goodbyes to Jin Ling’er and Wang Doushan.

Unlike the others, Su Chen didn’t walk over to the Su Clan, instead making a beeline for the exit of the plaza.

To him, the existence of the Su Clan was of no importance. He already gave them plenty of face by attending this exam under their name. As for whether or not he would stand together with the Su Clan to receive congratulations from other clans...... that would never happen.

Su Changche and the others had their eyes fixed on Su Chen as they watched him leave the plaza, not even sparing them a glance.

“Hmph, ungrateful bastard,” Su Changqing angrily harrumphed, acting as though Su Chen had always received...

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