Chapter 150: Rankings

Chapter 150: Rankings

After forcing Ji Hanyan to retreat, the exam became like a walk in the park.

The three-man team wandered through the exam grounds at their leisure, walking through the different regions and cleaning up any other exam candidates they encountered.

They crushed everyone they encountered; no one was able to put up any kind of resistance against them.

They did run into the more powerful candidates, but next to Ji Hanyan, they weren’t all that strong. Their self-confidence rose to new heights as they beat candidates left and right.

On that day, the three of them reaped the most points since entering the exam grounds.

During this time, Su Chen wanted to find Li Qingyun and Bai Li, but no sign of them was found. It was unknown whether or not they even made it to the first region.

The first rays of the sun streaked over the horizon, and a loud whistle sounded out, signalling the end of the Hidden Dragon Institute’s three-day exam.

The exam candidates were beamed out of the exam grounds, once again appearing on the large...

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