Chapter 149: Cold Frost (3)

Chapter 149: Cold Frost (3)

The power from the collision of ice and fire caused the guests on the tall tower to exclaim with surprise.

It was the highest praise they could offer for the two candidates’ strength, and it was an acknowledgement of the strength they possessed.

“Who knew this brat was still concealing his strength? His Erupting Firebird can actually be this powerful.” Many people sighed in praise.

There were those in the crowd, however, for whom the situation became a bit more complex.

Gu Qingluo gazed at Su Chen, bewildered.

She was one of the few who fully understood what just happened.

Yes, his Erupting Firebird had become stronger, but it wasn’t the technique itself that was more powerful. The Erupting Firebird’s strength originated not only from the firebird itself, but also from the hand that gave it flight.

My Flying Flower Hands!

Gu Qingluo previously suspected that Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird contained traces of her Flying Flower Hands, but now she was absolutely certain.

The Erupting Firebird was formed from combining the Flying Flower Hands and other Origin Skills.

But more importantly, the...

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