Chapter 148: Cold Frost (2)

Chapter 148: Cold Frost (2)

One fist covered the ground in frost.

Although it couldn’t yet blot out the sun, it still possessed tremendous power. Everything in a hundred-foot radius was covered in a thick layer of frost, and the frigid fist wind seemed to pierce into their bodies.

Su Chen, Wang Doushan, and Jin Ling’er simultaneously retreated.

However, the cold frost had already invaded their bodies, slowing their movements. Waves of fist energy surged toward them, putting them under great pressure.

The trio released waves of qi in an attempt to resist the cold. Finally, their feet touched the ground again.

Although they hadn’t been injured, their faces revealed grave expressions.

It was just a single fist strike from such a long distance. Yet not only could the freezing intent lock down their movements, even the mere force from the punch was already...

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