Chapter 146: A New Cooperation (2)

Chapter 146: A New Cooperation (2)

Jin Ling’er had yet to respond, but the guests on top of the high tower already understood Su Chen’s intention.

The tower was thrown into a clamor once again.

They began discussing Su Chen’s slyness.

“I’m completely convinced by this little demon. He can even think up such a plan,” someone sighed in praise.

“Yes, he can pretend to be Jin Ling’er’s guard while still possessing his own intellect and wits. He can pretend to be stiff and inflexible, then adapt in a critical moment. When they start fighting, people who are unaware of it will pay quite the price.”

“They could even take it a step further. Jing Ling’er could also find another person to control, hiding her strength until an opportune moment.”

“They can conceal the strength of two under one. No matter who they fight, their opponent will suffer a big loss.”

Everyone offered their thoughts on the...

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