Chapter 145: A New Cooperation (1)

Chapter 145: A New Cooperation (1)

After opening her eyes, Jin Ling’er sat up with much difficulty. She felt a dull pain on her nose and carefully felt with her hand if everything was in place. When she looked her hand, it was dyed red with blood.

That bastard! He punched me in the nose! How dare he do something so vile to a tender, young girl like me!

Her heart was filled with rage. She scanned her surroundings for him, but when she saw Su Chen her countenance changed. He walked over to her in an imposing matter, causing her to understand the situation she was in. She hid her jade tablet behind her hands and screamed, “I can give you the points. Just don’t shatter my jade tablet!”

Su Chen stopped, then aimed the long blade in his hand at Jin Ling’er. “Now you’re trying to negotiate with me? What were you doing before?”

A trace of rage flashed across...

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