Chapter 144: Bewitching Butterfly (3)

Chapter 144: Bewitching Butterfly (3)

A ferocious explosion ensued, laying waste to a vast area. Hundreds of feet away the shockwaves could still be felt, and the three Su Chen targeted received the brunt force of it.

Jin Ling’er was at the nucleus of the explosion, and the violent waves of energy rocked the Bewitching Butterfly into the air, breaking her magic barrier. Several aftershocks slammed into Jin Ling’er, causing her to spit out a mouthful of blood.

With sword in hand, streaks of light erupted forth in a final attempt to endure. In the next instant, she met eyes with Su Chen, jolting her mind. That guy even has consciousness-type attacks!?

It was already far too late for Jin Ling’er as an Erupting Firebird came screaming towards her.

Just when it seemed that Jin Ling’er had no way of defending herself, Pan Yue flew forwards with a yell, using his body to intercept the firebird.

Pan Yue was already in a precarious state after the injuries he received earlier on. This forceful...

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