Chapter 143: Bewitching Butterfly (2)

Chapter 143: Bewitching Butterfly (2)

Su Chen activated his footwork technique. He looked like he was about to collapse under the pressure, but in reality everything was under his control.

Su Chen was still busy fighting the two of them when he suddenly felt his vision darken. He felt as though he was about to pass out for no reason.

He had just blocked the silver-armored youth’s steel spear and was about to dodge the Dark Extermination Sword when this bout of dizziness slowed him down. In a moment of crisis, Su Chen forcefully pushed past the dizziness and twisted his body in midair. The edge of the sword brushed past his waist, and blood gushed out.

The sword only cut open a superficial wound, which burst open and formed a vicious wound. It was just a negligible scratch at first, but now Su Chen had sustained minor injury.

Su Chen retreated. He glanced at Jin Ling’er, only to see a bright smile on her face, her eyes concealing a brilliant light. He barely met her gaze before he felt the dizziness wash over him even more powerfully.

He knew the situation was not good, so he lowered his head, avoiding her gaze. Even so, that smile haunted his thoughts, and it even seemed as if there were faint laughter echoing in his ears, affecting his state of mind and his ability to interpret his...

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