Chapter 142: Bewitching Butterfly (1)

Chapter 142: Bewitching Butterfly (1)

The person that appeared was a young woman dressed in dazzling clothing. Her face was round like a silver plate, and she wasn’t very tall, but her eyes sparkled like crystal. She held a small horsewhip in her hand.

There was a person following her as well. Surprisingly, he was wearing a brilliant silver armor, and he hefted a fine steel spear in his hand. He looked just like a general on the battlefield, and surprisingly the exam officials had let him bring these items in. However, his eyes seemed numb and wooden, as if he were an idiot.

Apparently, he was walking too slowly, and the round-faced woman turned around and whipped the silver-armored youth. “Walk faster, you piece of trash, stop mucking around.”

The silver-armored youth walked a bit faster, not attempting to defend himself.

When the two exam candidates saw this round-faced woman, the color drained from their faces as if they had seen a demon.

“It’s Bewitching...

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