Chapter 141: Chasing Across Regions

Chapter 141: Chasing Across Regions

Pan Yue furiously ran. His arrogance was gone, replaced with fear and panic.

There was a strange scent on his body, and no matter what he tried, he could not get rid of it.

Su Chen had stolen his jade tablet, so he couldn’t escape from the exam grounds either. The scent coming from his body also implied that either Su Chen or Kong Zhen, whoever it was, could instantly find him. They could do whatever they wanted to him!

Those two damned bastards!

Pan Yue was about to go crazy.

He screamed wildly to himself as he continued running, but he was burdened by his injured legs, preventing him from building up any speed.

Pan Yue hobbled his way through the barren plateau. His only hope was that Su Chen and Kong Zhen would battle a while longer, giving him the opportunity to escape.

However, before long, Pan Yue felt something behind him.

A familiar silhouette appeared in the distance.

Su Chen!

Even if the opponent was wearing a mask, Pan Yue still recognized him.

He was scared...

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