Chapter 140: Neutralize

Chapter 140: Neutralize

Amidst the piles of rubble, Su Chen and Kong Zhen were entangled in battle.

Erupting Firebird versus the Five Poisons Miasma, the Snaking Mist Steps versus the Thousand Shadow Feet, Thunder Blade versus Feathered Edge, Soul Eye versus Formless Strike, Flowing Wind Body Technique versus the Kong Clan’s Body Tempering Technique.

It was difficult to determine who of the two held the advantage. Occasionally, a black fog or brilliant red explosion would appear, kicking up clouds of smoke.

The more Kong Zhen fought, the more shocked he became. He gazed at Su Chen with an expression of disbelief as he shrilly yelled, “You aren’t from a Bloodline Nobility Clan. How can you possibly possess such great combat prowess?”

Su Chen harrumphed, but he did not speak.

From the lack of response, Kong Zhen deduced what was happening. He loudly said, “You’ve been poisoned by me, yet you still dare to fight me instead of finding a place...

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