Chapter 138: Killing Opportunity

Chapter 138: Killing Opportunity


The sword pierced through his opponent’s body. The target’s eyes revealed an expression of disbelief, as if he were saying, “How could this happen to me?”

“Idiot!” Pan Yue let out a maniacal, delighted laugh, then applied force to the sword in his hand, skewering the exam candidate to a nearby tree. When his victim was about to shatter his jade tablet, Pan Yue charged forward and took it from him.

No longer in possession of his jade tablet, the exam candidate had no way to escape. He could only fall over in despair.

The fresh blood flowed all over the ground.

Pan Yue laughed loudly and then left.

He enjoyed this feeling that came from the looks of despair from his victims very much. Only when he saw that look in their eyes could he satisfy the arrogance and hollowness in his heart.

How stupid was this Hidden Dragon Battle? Pan Yue didn’t care about it at all. Based on his family background, he didn’t even need to participate in the...

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