Chapter 137: Perpetrator

Chapter 137: Perpetrator

As they followed the traces of battle, it didn’t take long before they stumbled across another corpse.

The two corpses showed a lot of similarities; both received multiple sword wounds, their throats had exploded, their jade tablets were cut off, and their deaths were tragic.

“They don’t look like revenge killings,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

“Perhaps there’s two people he had a grudge against,” Wang Doushan said as he gulped.

“He is quite lucky, to have encountered them so close to each other.” Su Chen continued to follow the traces.

Very quickly, they encountered another corpse who was killed in similar fashion.

The victim had been wounded in all the same spots.

Wang Doushan could no longer resist. “Motherfucker, is this guy crazy? He just kills people on sight!”

Su Chen’s expression was also ugly. “Does the Hidden Dragon Institute not regulate these kinds...

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