Chapter 136: Kingdom Politics

Chapter 136: Kingdom Politics

The dead person was a white-skinned youth, with a pair of large, bright eyes. Even upon death, his eyes were still wide open as they gazed at the sky, filled with fear. His expression was one of disbelief.

It was as if he were saying, “How could this happen to me[1.]?”

A large hole was embedded in his chest, and blood flowed out from it, soaking his entire body.

However, the fatal blow was not there, but rather at his throat.

There was a similar hole there. It was not large, but it had pierced through his entire esophagus.

“It’s a sword wound. He was killed by someone else,” Su Chen said after inspecting the wound.

The Hidden Dragon Institute allowed deaths to happen. After all, in a battle where tens of thousands of people were involved, as well as countless Vicious Beasts, it was impossible to completely guarantee their security.

But allowing deaths to happen was one thing. When they saw the person lying dead in front of them, they were still unsettled in their hearts.

It was just a competition to secure an enrollment spot, not tempering via life-or-death battles,...

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