Chapter 135: Team

Chapter 135: Team

Boom boom!

Two powerful explosions sounded out, and two human figures were sent flying through the air.

“Catch. One for you, one for me,” Wang Doushan excitedly said as he began to divide up the spoils amidst the piteous whimpers of the exam candidates.

The two of the rushed over, each grabbing their target, then leaving after stealing away those points. They were so fast that their victims had no time to react. By the time the students who had been robbed regained consciousness, their robbers had already long disappeared.

“I got four points. What about you?” Wang Doushan asked.

“A little more than you. Five points,” Su Chen replied.

“Hmph, so little.” Wang Doushan curled his lip.

After a full day of battle, many exam candidates had already been eliminated, and the remaining exam candidates should have had quite a large number of points. However, the students they had just encountered possessed very few points. All one could really say was that they had bad luck.

Since they didn’t have enough points, they could only supplement this with q...

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