Chapter 134: Erupting Firebird

Chapter 134: Erupting Firebird

After hesitating for for a while, Wang Doushan finally agreed to Su Chen’s request, or at least most of it - he kept his underpants on.

It wasn’t that he was incredibly unwilling to strip in front of Su Chen. Rather, the light screen still existed.

Wang Doushan did not want his entire naked body to appear on the screen. Even though by reasoning this was not too likely, who knew whether some important individuals would suddenly be struck by a bout of craziness and want to see some naked boys?

The result of this decision was that Su Chen was unable to neutralize all of the frost nodes, but of the twelve frost nodes he had at least neutralized eleven. This allowed Wang Doushan’s body to recover a significant amount. In addition, with Su Chen’s instructions, Wang Doushan then concentrated all of his Origin Energy on his lower body, increasing the speed of dispersion.

Everything was fine except for the fact that because of this, his pants now looked like someone had set up a tent.

With the sudden influx of energy, it rose[1. In case you didn’t figure it out, he’s got an erection.].

Wang Doushan was like a proud young man, swaggering...

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