Chapter 133: Fat Crane (2)

Chapter 133: Fat Crane (2)

Bang bang!

With two explosions, the two exam candidates were simultaneously sent flying. Su Chen took the opportunity to take away the points on their jade tablets.

Just as he was taking the points of the exam candidate who had passed out earlier, he heard Wang Doushan yell, “Hey, I have two more over here.”

Su Chen turned around only to see that Wang Doushan was talking to him, holding one of them up in each hand.

Su Chen laughed and shook his head. “There’s no need to be polite. You took care of them, so you should take their points.

“How can that be allowed? You were the one that helped me.” Wang Doushan tossed the two of them towards Su Chen.

Upon seeing this, Su Chen did not act politely. He took all of their points.

Originally, he intended on letting them go, but he didn’t expect that Wang Doushan would go forwards first and shatter two of their jade tablets, sending them back. He said, “This is to prevent them from joining up and trying to get...

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