Chapter 132: Fat Crane (1)

Chapter 132: Fat Crane (1)

He furiously sprinted the entire way, the Snaking Mist Steps activated to their fullest extent. Large chunks of the tunnel collapsed behind him.

Finally, just before the tomb completely collapsed, Su Chen charged out of the ground.

He was greeted by a swath of light.

So it was already daytime.

Su Chen squinted his eyes.

Loud rumblings continued behind him. When he turned his head to gaze at it, the earth that had been excavated had seemingly lost its support, and it suddenly collapsed downwards. After forming a depression in the ground, it stopped moving.

Everything inside of the Spirit Burying Terrace had thus been completely buried.

It was over, just like that.

Su Chen gazed at what used to be the tomb. All he could do was sigh.

Although it was just a single night’s endeavor, Su Chen had benefitted quite a bit. Although he didn’t obtain much in the way of valuables, he had obtained an ocean of new information. In some sense, the latter was even harder to obtain than the former.

Su Chen didn’t stay for much longer. He turned...

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