Chapter 131: The Brooke Formula

Chapter 131: The Brooke Formula

This was a book on Origin Energy Patterns.

Unlike those other recordings, the information contained in this book was not carelessly written. Instead, the research had already been finished, and the information had already been systematically tidied up.

Put simply, it was already pre-formed, and it had real, confirmed theories and how to apply them.

However, what was recorded was not Origin Skills. Rather, it was an algorithm that Mainbrooke had developed via analyzing large quantities of Origin Energy Fragments. It was called the Brooke Formula.

By using the Brooke Formula, Mainbrooke could deconstruct Origin Skills, analyze them, and even reform them and adapt them. This could be used to create brand-new Origin Skills.

It was possible to do this?

Su Chen was shocked in his heart.

Mainbrooke was worthy of being known...

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