Chapter 130: Spirit Burying Terrace (4)

Chapter 130: Spirit Burying Terrace (4)

Behind the door was a small secret chamber.

There were no traps. There were vials, jugs, and large piles of books as far as the eye could see. It seemed like a very messy storage space.

At the center of the secret chamber was a large table.

Su Chen was very familiar with this kind of table - he had already taken two of them before. They had belonged to Ulrich and Master Feng, respectively.

It was a research workbench.

In front of the large workbench was a giant armchair, and there was a person sitting on the armchair.

Su Chen’s heart sank.

He cautiously watched the person sitting on the chair.

However, that person sat there unmoving, as if he were completely unaware that the secret chamber had been opened.

Su Chen cautiously walked closer. Upon walking around the chair, he discovered that the “person” sitting on it was actually a dried-up corpse.

That person’s head was extremely large, and his limbs were very short. He looked just like a big baby doll.

Of course, the dry corpse was not a big baby doll.

It belonged to someone of the Arcana Race.

The Arcana Race was quite short in the first place. After becoming...

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