Chapter 129: Spirit Burying Terrace (3)

Chapter 129: Spirit Burying Terrace (3)

Boom boom boom boom!

The continuous explosions caused the Shadow Snakes behind him to continuously let out pained cries. Even so, their inherently vicious temperament made it so that they were unwilling to let their target go, and they continued to chase after him furiously.

Su Chen madly charged forwards. After exiting the large hall, he returned to the stone room he was in prior.

The twelve statues continued to stand there unmoving, just like before.

He pulled off the medallion that he was wearing and tossed it out as he charged forwards at full speed. He began to yell, “Awaken!”


A massive thundering and shaking suddenly began to sound out.

The twelve statues simultaneously began to tremble violently, and large chunks of rock began to fall from their bodies, sending up clouds of gray dust.

“Faster, faster!” If it were anyone else, they might have been astonished by this scene, but Su Chen seemed worried that the Bloodmelting Swordsmen wouldn’t awaken fast enough. He tossed out three jugs of wine in a row...

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