Chapter 128: Spirit Burying Terrace (2)

Chapter 128: Spirit Burying Terrace (2)

The dark current surged and seethed towards Su Chen, but he was prepared. He activated the Snaking Mist Steps, and his figure retreated like it was made of smoke. At the same time, he superimposed another barrier on his body.

The dark current was like a fiend. It slammed into Su Chen, causing quite a clamor.

Those barriers began to pop one after another, as if they had been struck by the Blood Hedgehog Spikes. The barriers sounded very brittle.

Following this very brittle sound, the barriers shattered like eggshells one after another.

Su Chen retreated even more rapidly, constantly adding on barriers and rapidly changing directions.

The dark current pursued him relentlessly like a dragon, forming black smoke trails that coiled throughout the air. Upon closer inspection, a large number of unnamed black insects had gathered in the black smoke. The brittle noises landing on Su Chen’s barriers like dense rain were actually created by those bugs.

They had long and razor-sharp mouths as well...

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