Chapter 127: Spirit Burying Terrace (1)

Chapter 127: Spirit Burying Terrace (1)

Upon arriving at the pile of rubble, Su Chen silently calculated the time.

In a little while, it would be past midnight.

After midnight, the second day would begin, and that was also the twenty-second of the seventh month, the date when the Spirit Burying Terrace would open.

A star finally began to shine in the sky.

That star was the Lofty Point Star.

This star only appeared on the twenty-second day of the seventh month, and so this day was also known as the Lofty Point day.

The Lofty Point Star’s appearance was always very precise.

More precisely, the timekeeping clock could have errors, but the Lofty Point Star would not.

Thus, according to the timekeeping clock, it was not yet the Lofty Point Day, but the appearance of the Lofty Point Star implied that the day had arrived - all of the various officials adjusted their timekeeping devices.

Upon seeing the Lofty Point Star appear, Su Chen didn’t immediately make a move. Rather, he waited for a few moments.

As time went on, the Lofty Point Star began to shine more and more brightly.

Before Su Chen’s eyes, a strange scene started to appear.

A ray of starlight began to descend from the sky, landing not too far in front of Su Chen, forming a hazy circle of light that faintly covered a smaller half of the valley. There were a few threads within the circle that criss-crossed, forming an incredibly complex map.

Upon seeing this, Su Chen silently confirmed that Old Sang had been completely right. As expected, this place was filled with devious traps, and the underground was protected by a large formation...

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