Chapter 126: Surprise Attack (2)

Chapter 126: Surprise Attack (2)

The flaming meteors were incredibly powerful and explosive. Its strength was enough to tear through mountains, and even with a protective barrier applied it was possible for one to be smashed to pieces if struck by multiple meteors in a row.

However, this was not the most frightening aspect of the attack.

After the meteors landed, countless steel needles shot out like a torrential downpour.

Blood Hedgehog Spikes!

There was a beast from Cloud Mountain known as the Blueblood Hedgehog. It possessed extremely poisonous spikes, and if it encountered any danger, it would expand its entire body, causing the needles to fly into the air like rain. This needle-rain would be hard to survive.

This was the Blood Hedgehog Spikes.

A dense wave of Blood Hedgehog Spikes surged forwards, like a constant hail of arrows. This wave of spikes was completely relentless in its attempt to kill.

However, this still was not the most frightening...

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