Chapter 122: Cross-Region (6)

Chapter 122: Cross-Region (6)

Indeed, in the next instant the black-cloaked person had already begun to effuse another powerful cold flow.

It was the Absolute Chill again, swirling directly towards Su Chen without slowing down at all.

At this moment, Su Chen’s disadvantage of lacking powerful attacks had already been completely revealed.

The fireball technique or Flying Flower Hands were not powerful explosive attacks, not to mention the Thunder Blade or air tentacles, which couldn’t even be considered explosive in the first place. All of Su Chen’s methods were all commonly found battle techniques. The reason for this was because he lived in the Scarlet Mountain Range for long periods of time, and his main target was hunting Vicious Beasts. Success might not be determined in one place at one time, and it was particularly important to pay attention to long-term effectiveness. Thus, he pursued long-term battle ability, and the Black Streak Battle Blade and the Blood Aura had covered up his disadvantage of lacking explosive methods. Of course, the most important reason was still that these kinds of Origin Skills were all precious, and even if Su Chen wanted...

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