Chapter 121: Cross-Region (5)

Chapter 121: Cross-Region (5)

After leaving Cloud Leopard, Su Chen didn’t encounter any more decent opponents. Rather, a Vicious Beast that appeared halfway through his travels actually bothered him for some time.

There were also Vicious Beasts in the exam grounds. They were worth additional points, and the exam officials had specifically included them in the grounds as an additional factor. They could not be reasoned with, there was no benefit in charming them, they did not form factions and they did not evaluate the situation. Sometimes, two people would fight and fight when a Vicious Beast would suddenly jump out, biting one of them. Often, a relatively stable situation would instantly be thrown awry.

Because of this, there was even the distinct possibility of death.

Some felt that this wasn’t fair?

Yes, it wasn’t fair!

But this was society, and this was reality!

There were always many things that were unfair,...

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