Chapter 120: Cross-Region (4)

Chapter 120: Cross-Region (4)

If you’re a man, sweep through the entire exam grounds!”

This sentence completely shocked Li Qingyun and Bai Li.

The two of them gazed at Su Chen like they were gazing at a strange creature.

What kind of person could say these kinds of words?

What kind of sky-high arrogance was needed to make this kind of decision?

This was the same as battling all the way to the first region!

Everyone knew what kind of people existed inside the first region. They were the strongest batch of seedlings in the entire Three-Mountain Range. There, clan geniuses were worth a fart, and many members of noble bloodline clans existed. Any one of them could be an expert with an inherited bloodline, and even those with mixed bloodlines had to make way for them.

Li Qingyun and Bai Li’s supposed fighting for the glory of the lower regions was merely going to the twelfth region to fight a few battles. If they were confident, they would head to the eleventh region. In any case, these regions were close together, and they possessed roughly equal strength.

They had never considered fighting through the entire competition grounds from the...

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