Chapter 119: Cross-Region (3)

Chapter 119: Cross-Region (3)

On top of the high tower, all the very important people were watching the examinations going on via the screen of light.

There was only one live broadcast screen, yet there were ten thousand exam competitors, so naturally not each one was shown. Most of the time, the screen was constantly searching for interesting battles for those important individuals to watch.

Right next to the screen with all the interesting battles was the screen with the leaderboard.

The numbers on the screen were constantly changing and jumping. Every so often, the ranks would be shuffled, and the ranks of the exam contenders were constantly shifting up and down.

But no matter how they changed, some peoples’ positions did not change at all.

They remained at the very top!

The highest name on the rankings was Ji Hanyan. This name had a parentheses next to it which contained the words “Frostbird”. Finally, there was an eye-catching number: 75.

The parenthese was the bloodline. Only those with inherited bloodlines had this symbol next to their name. The number represented the number of points they possessed.

In half a day,...

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