Chapter 118: Cross-Region (2)

Chapter 118: Cross-Region (2)


After knocking over an exam participant and taking away his points, Bei Fulin directly shattered his opponents’ jade tablet, ruining any remaining chances that that contender had remaining before returning to his hiding spot behind the tree.

It wasn’t that he was particularly vicious. In fact, it was just because the location that he had discovered was too good.

His hiding spot was located along quite a long passageway, and the path was lined with thorny purple brambles, making it so that people could only travel through via this road. The large tree Bei Fujian was hiding behind was close to the mountain, and its foilage was lush. There was even a small crack between it and the mountain wall, making it extremely useful for concealing a person.

By borrowing the covertness of that spot, Bei Fulin had already ambushed three different people. Every time he ambushed them, he would shatter their jade tablet,...

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