Chapter 117: Cross-Region (1)

Chapter 117: Cross-Region (1)

Su Chen’s vision blurred. When he could see again, he found himself standing on an empty patch of grass.

A feeling of nausea rose up, making him want to feel like throwing up.

This kind of feeling was inevitable given that this was his first time experiencing spatial teleportation. The Whitetower Teleportation manual had said so. They were all spatial teleportation techniques, so they all had shared similarities. However, the Origin Energy Formation’s teleportation distance and magnitude were much greater than Whitetower Teleportation.

He had yet to completely escape from his dizziness when Su Chen suddenly heard wind behind his back.

There’s a person!

He had no time to use any Origin Skills. Purely based on instinct, Su Chen lowered his head and leapt forwards.


The palm strike landed on Su Chen’s back,...

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