Chapter 116: Entering the Examination Area

Chapter 116: Entering the Examination Area

The Red Peak Range had already become like a huge ceramic bowl.

Enveloping this giant mountainous range was a light barrier composed of three thousand four hundred and twenty edges that covered the sky, just like a giant, transparent cover. It encompassed the entire Red Peak Range inside.

To the west of the barrier, a massive, tall tower had already been constructed.

It looked just like a tall golden tower, and in front of the high tower was a massive plaza.

Two rows of soldiers wearing golden armor stood majestically on either side of the steps leading up to the high tower. Upon closer inspection, everyone of them was an Origin Qi Scholar.

At the top of the high tower was a large balcony. Inside sat the major figures of the Three-Mountain Range.

These people included the leader of the Flying Immortal Palace, Long Ziqing; the leader of Northface City, Yue Weixiong; the leader of the Flowing Cloud City, Nan Qiwei; as well as a host of other important officials. The Yu Clan of Wei River, the Liu Clan of North Forest,...

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