Chapter 115: Explosive Medicine

Chapter 115: Explosive Medicine

That night in Northface City, Su Chen’s final problem was burned away.

Lin Yemao had died.

Died to a criminal organization.

Rumor was that Lin Yemao had colluded with some criminal organization. He had taken some of their benefits and was unwilling to give them up, which caused him to receive such a retaliation.

The truth of the situation was not very important. More importantly, the Lin Clan had expended all their manpower yet were unable to find the black-clothed individuals who had carried out the raid.

This matter eventually became an inconclusive, unsolved case. In the beginning, there was quite a commotion surrounding it, but interest began to die down and in the end it had merely become a topic for conversation on the streets.

It was already the peak of midsummer....

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