Chapter 114: In Control

Chapter 114: In Control

Blood continued to bubble around Master Feng’s fingers even though his hands tightly clutched at his own throat.

Master Feng stared at Su Chen, his eyes wide with shock. How could he do this?

He fell to the ground without any strength remaining and died.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Sang Zhen howled in panic.

As he yelled, all of the others all rushed over. They were all dazed when they saw Master Feng lying in a pool of blood.

“It seems like you need a new alchemist,” Su Chen replied. “I’ll be the one to do it. How does that sound?”

“Do you know how much money and energy is required to train an alchemist?” Aaron said angrily. “A talented alchemist is impossible to raise without spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of Origin Stones!”

Thanks for reminding me.” A happy smile appeared on Su Chen’s face. “I suddenly remembered...

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